Monday, February 08, 2010

Building The Pyramids

So I'm switching over to a Word Press blog. I'm in the process. I decided against just linking to the this blog in the new one. Instead I figured I'd just copy everything over.

Yeah. Great idea.

Well I'm too far into it now to turn back. Turns out the import tool in Word Press doesn't import old style Blogger blogs. I still wasn't worried. I figured it would take me a couple of days to manually copy everything over. I was right it has taken me a couple of days... to copy over 2005. That's not even a full year. So I've only got 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and what there is of 2010 to go. Heh. Oops. I just may get everything swapped over before the Blogger "Death To FTP" deadline.

The absolute best part about this though is that there is some great stuff back in the archives and I get to reread everything. You all make some great comments. Thanks for still being here. :)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

So once again off to the land of infinite humidity and heat. Oh and rocket launches. Heading over to LAX to board the C5 once again bound for Florida. Scheduled to return November 20th, but we'll see how that goes. Last time it turned from 50 days to 75 almost without blinking. Hopefully good luck is coming with me.

Cheers everyone.


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Friday, July 17, 2009


Headed out to work this morning. About five minutes from the house and I remember I need to get some cash for lunch today. Double check my back pocket for my wallet. Not there. Damn. Left it at home with my badge to boot. Turn around and head back. I let myself back in and grabbed my badge, but my wallet wasn't where it should have been.

So starts that wonderful little feeling in the gut. Doubled checked by, under and behind the couch. Nope. Wait! Gotta be in my shorts. Duh. Nope. Nor next to, behind or anywhere near the bed. Fuck. The feeling starts to get a bit stronger. Another fairly thorough search of the house. Nothing. Damn.

Oh yeah! The console in the car. Duh. Nope. Now the replay of the last week starts. When am I completely sure I had the damn thing? Tuesday. Definitely Tuesday at the doctors office. Maybe there? Dunno. Where else have I been? Work and home. No where else. Great.

Oh shit I need my drivers license to get on the plane for Portland. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Get a new ID? Not gonna happen by next Thursday. Shit. Well I guess I could drive to Portland. It's only what 12, 14 hours? Oi. Shit which credit cards are in there... hmmm, two of them and my debit card. Crap. Oh shit my BFSC card is in there too. Damn. And my National Rental Car card and my Hilton card and my health insurance cards... damn I need to empty that damn thing out.

Well damn I guess I better head to work and start figuring out who all I'm going to have to call about all my missing info. Maybe someone turned it in to the security office at work. But I've been a bunch of places at work, multiple company campuses. Damn this is gonna take a while. Ugh. Twisting of the gut has definitely increased. Dammit I NEED to get to Portland. Heh.

Stopped by the security office at the main gate, but no one had turned in anything there. Have to check with main security. Well no work is getting done today this will take all day. Friggin' dumbass. Play back the past couple of days and can't say for sure one way or the other that I'd had it yesterday or Wednesday. Stupid wallet.

Get to my floor. Pass someone in the hall, nod and smile. He asks "How ya doin?" and I reply "Not good. Can't find my wallet." He sympathizes and keeps going. I get to my office and unlock the door. Hoping beyond hope that the damn thing is here even though I know I didn't take it out of my pocket and put it on my desk yesterday. Without even having to move my chair there's the little bastard lying on the floor next to the left of my chair.

Big Fucking Sigh!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fucking Dentist

I went. Part II tomorrow. Make up your own shitty story and put it here.


ps Deschutes Cinder Cone Red is just as tasty through a straw, or two.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Stupid Shuttle

Well the shuttle has now officially bumped us out of the way. The earliest we will launch is next Tuesday and even that is iffy due to weather concerns next week. Great.

Also, stole this from Tara. I will abide.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Poop Bounces Amazingly Well

Well this isn't going to be the novel like a couple posts back was. I can't go into details in a public forum like this, but ask me the next time you see me and I'll give the skinny...

and then I'll have to kill you.

I really stepped in it with the "all is calm here" post. The very next day the world turned to shit. Pretty much everyone got caught in the shit storm that rained down from on high. The CJP was absolutely correct in his comment regarding the "Nice shot". For those not in on the nice shot phrase it goes something like this. During our days of disk golf we had a rule not to comment on someones throw until that throw had come to rest. The reason being that if said shot was in flight and a positive comment was made that disk immediately found the nearest tree, lake, street, backyard, etc. You get the idea. Don't jinx the shot with a comment. Superstitious? Sure, but you know what, it seemed to hold true. We've been following that practice ever since regardless of the venue whether it be sports or whatever. No comment until you've got the win under your belt.

I broke the rules with my post which then resulted in the next two weeks of hell on earth in lovely Titusville. The very next day all hell broke loose and we haven't contained it yet nor do I see containment in sight. Our customer is now calling all the shots and the scrutiny of every last thing that we do started then and with all probability will not cease even after this stupid flying electronic rock is floating around the planet.

Since that day I've broken down crying to my wife on the phone from all the stress. I've stayed home "sick" once. Mentally ill counts, it really does. We've been working six days a week and figuring on seven and then rejoicing when we actually get a day off. Like today. Oh rejoice on high. I've contemplated, obviously not seriously, driving into embankments in order to escape having to go in. The sleeping, well lack of sleeping, man has that been fun. It's a bitch when you roll around in bed playing the events of the past few days or the next few days over in your head uncontrollably when all you really want is the oblivion of sleep in which to forget it all.

The one bright spot in it all was Mrs. LK coming out last Thursday night. So good to have the love of your life there just to be there. Just having her here has made the past four days bearable. And now she's at the airport or on her plane heading back home. Alone again. Thanks for being here honey.

Ok so this is turning into another novel. I guess that's what happens when I can't post regularly and stuff is happening. To answer some of the comments. 1) I didn't get the wipes sent, but bought my own. Hotel remotes are nasty. 2) The size of that fan was fucking huge! The shit splattered all the way back to southern California, hit and then bounced all the way back. I refuse at this point to say how good, bad or ugly things will be in the future out of abject terror that it will get worse. Remember me fondly.

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