Saturday, November 21, 2009

Calm Yourself

Another action packed day at the Hilton in Cocoa Beach for me. Had to be at work at 10AM for a couple hours of work. It went well and I headed back to Cocoa Beach around 12:30. Grabbed one of the many remaining Presidentes left in my room fridge and sat back down with this.

I bought this jacket back in Oct. of 2006 and really wasn't all that impressed with the Cobra patch on it. The jacket itself is definitely vintage, but the patches on it were definitely not. Kinda disappointing, but par for the course with eBay stuff. So I wore it a few times, but for the most part it's been in the closet.

With this current launch campaign I'll have participated in all three birds of the Block I group and now have a complete collection of all the patches. The patches are cool all by themselves, but I kinda wanted to figure something out to do with them. I decided to put them on the jacket after removing the Cobra patch. I didn't have time to do this or have it done before I left for Florida so I brought the jacket and patches with me. A week or so ago I went down to a Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft in West Melbourne to pick up some supplies to do the job myself.

Here are some close up pictures of my work. The American flag patch was on there already and I'm going to take it off and re-sew it since the hack that put it on there did it wrong. All of mine look way better and aren't sewn through both the outer layer and lining like the flag patch is and the Cobra patch was. My work isn't perfect, but I learned alot and next time it will be perfect.

And yes. Those are platypi on each of the patches. It was chosen because it's a critter that combines many different types of "technology" kinda like the WGS communication satellites. Go Wideband!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

D. Lay.

No earlier than December 2. Oi. That'll get me up to 60 days or so. Still two weeks short of last time, but still. Shuttle is still scheduled to go off on Monday as planned so that's good. Intellsat didn't go last night and depending on when they fix what they need to fix they could impact us as well. Again, oi. Gotta love launching really expensive things into space. Heh.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Ida Know If I Like This

Photo borrowed from

Yeah. I know. It's all you get though.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Just Not Much Going On

Well I've been here in Florida for 35 days now. It's been mostly hot. Unseasonably so according to the locals. There were a few cool days a couple weeks back, but it's been mostly sweat inducing weather.

Mrs. LK came out, well, I guess it would be two weekends back now. That was nice. We went out with my work folks one night and just like the Hilton staff they were way more impressed with her than me. Oh well. Just more confirmation that I picked a winner and luckily was able to trick her into sticking with me. So far. Woohoo!

Work didn't interfere too much except on the last day. I ended up having to go to work at 10 PM on Tuesday, then not actually work until 1 AM, pause, resume at 7 AM, bail out back to Cocoa Beach to pick-up the wife at 9:30 AM, drive back out to Orlando airport, hug, kiss, say goodbye, drive back to Titusville to pick up my stuff that I had left earlier, get back to Cocoa Beach about 12:30, eat something, try to stay up to at least a normal time, fail, fall asleep, wake up way early. Drag ass through the next few days. Oh well.

In general in regards to work it has been going relatively smoothly. Nothing show stopping at this point. We've officially been delayed, but at this point it's only a day so I don't even really think that counts as a delay. Who knows though with both the shuttle and another private satellite on the range at just about the exact same time we'll just have to wait and see. I've learned over the last two previous campaigns not to rely on any date to stay fixed while here. No matter what, something will change. Or a bunch of things. Just kinda go with it and come home when it's all done.

Well I guess that's it.

Lima Kilo out.

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