Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Way Behind

Man, I'm updating about as often as Rosanna at this point. Oh well. So I've got some pictures of the air show that was going on outside the window of my original room at the Hilton Cocoa Beach a couple weekends back. Scott, one of the bartenders, down at the pool bar had mentioned that an F22 was supposed to make an appearance that day so when I saw, and heard, this sucker fly by the first time I thought that's what it was. After a closer look it turned out to be an F/A18. Still really cool.

Kinda glad I didn't get the room upgrade until after that show. With that said a few days later a small suite opened up on the 7th floor and they moved me into it. Nothing fancy, but it's nice at least having the option to spread out a bit even if I don't. First things first. Fill the fridge with the essentials. Beer. Soda. Water.

And a few pics of the room.

That's about all I've got at this point. I had a couple of days off during the first two weeks and the schedule is looking to loosen up a bit. We'll see.

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