Monday, July 20, 2009

Whip It!

So I made a comment regarding the trailer above over at Tara's blog.

After further consideration.

Just an observation. After watching the trailer I'm having a hard time spotting a Broadie or a PITA or a Raszor Slut.

Taking in to account my previous comment regarding Hollywoods own interests, did they totally opt for all waif teams in the movie? Of course Krissy Krash isn't a waif by any stretch of the word, but maybe you get what I mean. Seems like they went slim.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome Home!

Don't get used to all these posts. They're kinda like me and washing a new car. I get excited about it for a little while and then say fuck it and start growing corn in all the dirt built up on the car.

Anyway, just prior to our leaving for Hawaii at the end of June Mrs. LKs transmission started to act up. After taking it to her preferred mechanic, the dealership, they tweaked the controls a bit and said this isn't going to fix it, but it may help a bit. For a little while. That lasted a day. So the dealership will only install a new transmission to the tune of around $2000. Ugh.

The car is in great shape and has been well maintained, but I just can't see it being around long enough now to justify a brand new transmission. So rather than try to deal with it the day before we flew out we parked it and decided to discuss options once we'd relaxed a bit in Hawaii.

We relaxed.

We discussed.

Last Sunday we dropped it off at a tranny shop to have it rebuilt for about half the cost of a new one. So be it. Got a call yesterday that we could pick it up today at noon. The battery has been acting up on it apparently. It's the original which means it's been in there since 1998. Not bad eh? So now we need to get another on the way to pick it up. Fun. Still better than having them put one in.

So that coupled with my dental safari earlier in the week has made for a wonderfully vigorous exercise of the pocketbook. Yaaaaaaay Bundy!


Friday, July 17, 2009


Headed out to work this morning. About five minutes from the house and I remember I need to get some cash for lunch today. Double check my back pocket for my wallet. Not there. Damn. Left it at home with my badge to boot. Turn around and head back. I let myself back in and grabbed my badge, but my wallet wasn't where it should have been.

So starts that wonderful little feeling in the gut. Doubled checked by, under and behind the couch. Nope. Wait! Gotta be in my shorts. Duh. Nope. Nor next to, behind or anywhere near the bed. Fuck. The feeling starts to get a bit stronger. Another fairly thorough search of the house. Nothing. Damn.

Oh yeah! The console in the car. Duh. Nope. Now the replay of the last week starts. When am I completely sure I had the damn thing? Tuesday. Definitely Tuesday at the doctors office. Maybe there? Dunno. Where else have I been? Work and home. No where else. Great.

Oh shit I need my drivers license to get on the plane for Portland. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Get a new ID? Not gonna happen by next Thursday. Shit. Well I guess I could drive to Portland. It's only what 12, 14 hours? Oi. Shit which credit cards are in there... hmmm, two of them and my debit card. Crap. Oh shit my BFSC card is in there too. Damn. And my National Rental Car card and my Hilton card and my health insurance cards... damn I need to empty that damn thing out.

Well damn I guess I better head to work and start figuring out who all I'm going to have to call about all my missing info. Maybe someone turned it in to the security office at work. But I've been a bunch of places at work, multiple company campuses. Damn this is gonna take a while. Ugh. Twisting of the gut has definitely increased. Dammit I NEED to get to Portland. Heh.

Stopped by the security office at the main gate, but no one had turned in anything there. Have to check with main security. Well no work is getting done today this will take all day. Friggin' dumbass. Play back the past couple of days and can't say for sure one way or the other that I'd had it yesterday or Wednesday. Stupid wallet.

Get to my floor. Pass someone in the hall, nod and smile. He asks "How ya doin?" and I reply "Not good. Can't find my wallet." He sympathizes and keeps going. I get to my office and unlock the door. Hoping beyond hope that the damn thing is here even though I know I didn't take it out of my pocket and put it on my desk yesterday. Without even having to move my chair there's the little bastard lying on the floor next to the left of my chair.

Big Fucking Sigh!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrilling. Not

So just an update on the dental situation because I know you all are just dying to know all the gory details. Heh, well there aren't many.



On the second day of our vacation while I was flossing to get a stubborn piece of dinner out a big piece of my tooth came out as well. See doc, flossing isn't always the way to go. Well it didn't hurt with the exception of the fact that the new edge was a bit sharp on the ole tongue. After setting up an appointment our vacation continued.

Fast forward to last Monday. I went in expecting some fairly crappy news. One reason the chipped tooth. A second reason being I haven't gone to the dentist for eight years. Yeah I know. No comments necessary. So X-Rays and then he starts poking around. He can't find a chip. WTF? Turns out that flossing I did two weeks earlier dislodged a chunk of tartar so large I thought it was tooth. Gross huh? Heh. The doc thought so too, but clothed his comments in dentist jargon. Well duh doc not going in for eight years is obviously not the best way to maintain good oral hygiene.

Turns out after eight years I had two minor cavities and a friggin shitload, or I guess mouthful is more accurate, of tartar. So the plan was to "deep clean" for the tartar and drill and fill the cavities. I was cool with that, but didn't realize he was ready to start right then. Heh, oh well no time like the present. It was gonna take two sessions for some reason. I would have been cool with one long one, but oh well. First day he novocaines the crap outta the left side. Drills and fills the two cavities on that side and scrapes the living bejeebus outta that side. No pain, but damn holding your mouth open that long sucks major donkey balls. Went in at noon. Needle action at 1PM. Outta there around 4:30. Phew.

Show up on Tuesday a little before 5 to finish the right side. Same thing novocaine, drill and fill and hit the road. About an hour and a half later and done. This time I'm not gonna let eight years go by before I go back. Maybe just seven.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fucking Dentist

I went. Part II tomorrow. Make up your own shitty story and put it here.


ps Deschutes Cinder Cone Red is just as tasty through a straw, or two.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Morning Bow

Woke up to something long and curved this morning. So I immediately took a picture of it. The wife really liked it. Before we knew it it was already gone. Poof!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Last Sunset

Well today marks our last night on Maui. Very, very sad. Won't go into a long post. See the last sunset below.

Also, our last condo cooked meal. A nice New York strip that we'll be sharing. It's going to be accompanied by pasta liberally coated with macadamia nut pesto sauce. I really like-a da sauce.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Ok so I've pretty much been off-line since last Saturday. I went on occasionally on Mrs. LKs netbook, but the eentsy-beentsy screen was a major deterrent. A couple of reasons I was "off the net". The first being that the charger for my laptop crapped out pretty much as soon as we landed. Weak.

Immediately went on-line to find a new one locally and believe it or not there wasn't one to be found on Maui for my aging Dell E1505. It still works great so why give it up. Needless to say, well maybe not needless, but anyway I went online to Dell and ordered a new one to be delivered to the Noho. Ordered Saturday. Issues developed on Monday. Issues resolved on Tuesday. New charger delivered on Wednesday. Not bad considering I'm not on the mainland. Much surprise.

So now I'm back. Yes it's still been many days since an update. So I got lazy. Sue me. I decided reading, playing cards and actually spending time "outside" was more important. Lots has gone on. We went to Haleakala for sunrise, got rained on at our luau at Old Lahaina and beat up our feet during the 4th fireworks show. Today was supposed to be Lanai day, but it wasn't. Tomorrow. Instead today turned into Maui Brewing Co. day for lunch and hot wings day for dinner.

We walked, about 20 minutes each way, over to the Maui Brewing Co. brew pub north of our condo in Kahana. Just prior to leaving I took a quick look on-line to see when they opened and got side tracked by the reviews. The main reviews that came up were from trip advisor. There were quite a few negative reviews. I got a bit nervous. I decided to look at Yelp and that was much more encouraging. Despite all that we headed out. Walking. It was before noon and still "cool". Good walk ending at the brew pub. The place was empty with the exception of a couple couples at the bar. We sat at the bar too.

They had a chalk board with all the brews available that day. Everything was $5. For a pint with the exception of the doppel bock which was a goblet, 8.0% abv. The menu is not huge, but large enough that we took a bit to figure out what we wanted. While we were thunking Mrs. LK got the guava wheat beer to start. Very nice. Not sweet, but still refreshing with the hint of fruit in it. Very nice. I started with the Black Powder Porter. Very nice with the mild hint of coffee at the end, 7.2% abv.

After sampling a bit of our beer we decided on some lunch. Mrs. LK got the beer batter mahi mahi fish and chips and I opted for the macadamia nut pesto pizza. Before lunch arrived I was ready for another beer. I asked the bartender for a recommendation and ended up with the Smokey Rye PA. Another outstanding beer. Slight smokey flavor, kinda reminded me of a camp fire, with a bit of hops, but not like a real strong IPA. Really good. Mrs. LK went for the Lahaina Town Brown. If you've tried Newcastle Brown Ale and liked it then you'll love this and wish MBC would take over for Newcastle. Much better.

About half way through our second choices the food showed up. The pizza was super hot, think crust for the win. Mrs. LKs fish looked light and crispy and since my pizza was too molten to try I opted for a bite of hers. Good beer batter, not great, but good. Might have been better had they used a slightly stronger beer rather than the Bikini Blond Lager. Still excellent fish and fries. Once my pizza cooled a bit I tried that as well and enjoyed it a lot. It's a decent sized pizza for one person and I ended up bringing back almost half. If it was coupled with an appetizer and shared between two people it would be a great meal. Just about enough for two all by itself.

They had a Hot Blonde Lager that I wanted to try, but since it had chipotle peppers in it I was hesitant to make it a whole pint. The bartender gave us a sample and I'd have to agree with him that it would be great with tomato juice or maybe even better V8. Good, but I wouldn't want a whole pint. After that I finished off the meal with a goblet of the Red Cock Doppel Bock. We asked how it was before ordering and the bartender said it was well balanced.

Turns out he was right. Not too strong, nothing over powering. Just great tasting beer. High abv to be sure at 8.0%, but you really can't tell. Very good. Almost deadly good. I had to take a quick break and when I came back the last bit I had saved was no longer there. Someone (Mrs. LK) had finished the glass. Hmmph.

All in all it was a great few hours. A good walk, some good food and some excellent beer. Try it if you're in the area. Now it's just a matter of letting the wings "marinate" for a bit before throwing them on the grill.

Maybe a nap while they soak up the juice.

ps The plan is to go back tomorrow after Lanai and pick up a growler of the doppel bock to enjoy with dinner. Good stuff.

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