Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sun Down : Addendum - The Morning After

The Good

The Bad

The Damaged

Sun Down

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh. My.

News Story on TV: Man sought for vehicular manslaughter. Picture shown.

News Anchor: Verbally describes man.

Me(making smartass comment to TV anchorman): You just showed a picture. You don't need to describe him dumbass.

Mrs. LK: It's a description for the blind.

Me: (blink) (blink)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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Moog and a Casio

Straight stolen link from Uncle Ghastly. Too good not to.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Terrible Dr. Horrible Haiku Too

goggles shiny bright
lab coat so smart, clean and white
gold bars drippy goo

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Terrible Dr. Horrible Limerick

Dr. Horrible is a scientist who is bad
He wanted to get the fine girl back to his pad,
So one fine day
He developed a freeze ray,
And after using it felt like such a cad.

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So It Begins!

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OBF List Link

So a few posts back I mentioned a little something about an Oregon Brewers Festival. 'Member? Mira aqui. I've got the list below of all the beers, that I was coherent enough to note, that Mrs. LK and myself sampled. Why am I putting up this list? Because I'm going to lose the paper copy sitting on my desk. So follow the link below if you're me and want to refresh your memory on what was good or if you're you and want to see what LK and Mrs. LK thought was good, bad and ugly.

List Here

Edit: Because bears are not beers.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Title

It speaks for itself I think. Not sure why, but I really liked this. Could be the music. Could be the idea. Don't know. Don't care. Made me a bit weepy it did. I'm turning soft in my old age.

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It's All About The Motion Baby


Don't question. Just click baby. Oh, oh, oh.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Part Four: Star Wars On Ice

I finally got a chance to sample the last variety of our handmade brews. It took a few weeks and there were many diversions that got in the way of sampling it.

I opened this bottle up last week, but just finally had the time to write about it. As you can see below it's a beautiful dark color with a light yet resilient head to it. Again as with all the beers we made there were little bits floating, but nothing to deter even a casual drinker. First sip. Was anticlimactic. I was hoping for so much from this stout, but it just didn't deliver. It wasn't bad. In fact it was very drinkable. It just wasn't anything to write home about. As with the red ale it too had a bit of a sour or tart tang to it. Not sure why or what to do about it in the future. We'll definitely have to ask about it when we brew again. Other than that it was a wholly unremarkable drink. Not bitter at all. Not really anything. Ah well better luck next time.

That's pretty much it for the quartet we brewed. Some were better than others. What surprises me the most is that my favorite of them all was the lemon flavored lager. Who'd a thunk? In order of preference they were Thermal Balance Blond(lemon), Reflector Red(red ale), SCTV Stout and Power Up Lager.

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Mental Health Day

First order of business. I'm sick of work. Yes it pays well. Yes we work on unbelievably cool shit. Yes they work the piss out of us. I'm tired. Mentally. Am I going to go find something else to do? No. Too complacent. The money is good and at least at a high level I love what we do. Or maybe I should say I love the idea of what we do.

With that said I'm home today and decided to take care of a little business. Drano the pipes. Take some clothes to the Salvation Army. Most importantly, stop by BevMo and see what there was to see. There was plenty to see and therein lies the problem. With a large selection comes the issue of having to choose. So what did I choose?

Make everyday a Deschutes day. Heh. Since Cheeselover introduced me to Deschutes with their Cindercone Red I've been a huge fan. This was even more strongly reinforced when we stopped by the Deschutes brewery and restaurant in Portland a couple of weeks back. With that in mind and the aforementioned overwhelming selection I went for a familiar name in varieties I have not yet had a chance to try. As of now I have a new favorite stout. Obsidian Stout. Mmmmmm. It's what's for lunch.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Down By The Sea

Last week sucked donkey balls.

Work was hectic. Hours were long. Patience was worn thin.

Friday afternoon rolled around and one of the guys I work with put his foot down and said that's it. We're done(for today). Let's go. We ended up at The Waterfront Cafe in Venice. Right on the strand. Apparently he's lived at this place for the past seven years or so on a regular basis. They serve, on tap, beer from the city in Germany he's from. I got there around 6:15 or so. We left after 10. Not to go home mind you. Oh no, we headed to another of his local favorite spots. In fact at this next spot they have a sign just for him that saves his table. Little Mexican restaurant a few blocks away and inland from the cafe. We left there at 2 after much relaxing and eating. All in all much deserved and needed respite from our hectic schedule. It's only going to get worse at work so we'll take the respites when we can.

Erdinger Dunkel FTW!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Poop Tomato

Heh, sounds interesting eh? Well a couple of months back, can't remember exactly when, but Mrs. LK noticed what looked to be remnants of a fire along side our little rental house. It was late and I didn't take a look until the next day. Turns out what looked like a small pile of burnt ash was in fact something even worse. Our refuse was bubbling up from underground. The sewer pipe came out of the house right where the "mess" was. We informed the landlord, AKA The Warden, and within a day or so he had it taken care of. (Thank you.)

About two weeks ago I noticed some rather large weeds growing on that side of the house. Upon closer inspection they turned out not to be weeds. In the picture below the gray line is where the sewer pipe is buried. When they dug down to fix it they piled dirt along both sides of that line. Now I've got tomato plants growing where the dirt was piled.

Well I took some more pics today and those tomato plants are now covered in little green tomatoes. I'm thinking that if the wild critters around here don't get them those are gonna be some damn fine tomatoes. I mean that ground has been heavily fertilized for who knows how long. Mrs. LK says she doesn't want anything to do with them. Maybe I don't either, but still they're looking good and plants themselves smell great and the bugs have left them alone.

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Snapshots Of OBF 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oregon Brewers Festival Recap

I was only there for about four days total. Thursday night through Monday afternoon. Wow. It seemed so much longer. We packed a lot of fun into that time.

So quick recap.

Thursday night, fun, food, drink. Yum!

Friday, fun, food, drink. Yum! LK falls asleep. <-- Is Lame. :)

Saturday, fun, food, drink. Yum!

Picking up on Saturday where I left off below. After Deschutes we headed back to the hotel to get changed and cleaned up for dinner. We met back downstairs in the lobby and decided to walk to Andina. Great idea since it was another beautiful night in Portland. Honestly if I thought the weather was always as nice as it was while we were there I'd seriously consider moving there. Anyway we arrived at the restaurant and were seated. Again this was a Peruvian tapas restaurant and while we all toyed with the idea of ordering personal entrees we ended up going the tapas route. Seeing as the whole weekend revolved around tasting different kinds of beer my memory is NOT perfect. Heh. I remember octopus, potatoes and cheese. A couple of Xingus with dinner and a nice port with the cheese plate for desert. The food was good and I'd definitely go back. Who knows how much it cost though. Best part of DINK I say. Heh.

We left Andina and on our walk back to the hotel we stopped by the Rogue brewery for another pint of something or other. I remember liking it, but that's about it. We picked a few more large bottles of varying varieties to take back to the hotel with us and wind down the evening. I'm pretty sure Cheeselover and I wound that evening down around 3:00AM, but I'm not sure. I managed to find my way back to my own room, miracle of miracles. Really. Crashed immediately and didn't wake up officially until around 10AM on Sunday morning. Mrs. LK had already evacuated from the room at some ungodly hour in the morning since she was heading to Vegas for work.

I was flying out at 8PM or so and around noon I cleared out of my room and went knocking on Rosanna and the Cheeselovers door. Cheeselover apparently wasn't doing as well as I. While I was feeling no ill effects from the night before he was. Much uncomfortableness on his part. We finally cleared out of there sometime around 1. Food was in order since we were heading back to the festival for last day tastes. I can't remember the name of the restaurant where we stopped, Mothers maybe, but we really just thought we'd check and see how long the wait was going to be. There were people lined up outside and inside and while Rosanna went inside to check on the wait Cheeselover and myself looked at each other and agreed we weren't getting in anytime soon. Wrong. Rosanna comes out, wags a finger at us and before you know it we're sitting at a table drinking coffee and ordering breakfast. Still not sure what she did and to who to get us in that quick, but thanks. Heh.

Lekfest taken care of we headed back to the tents. The crowds had definitely decreased from the day before and all lines were easily accessible. We wandered and sipped. We sat and sipped. We stood and sipped. Much sipping. Finally six o'clock rolled around and I realized I didn't want to leave. A quick call to the darling and beautiful Mrs. LK and after she worked big magic I was scheduled to fly out the next day about an hour before Cheeselover and Rosanna. We had already started back to the hotel in case my flight was doomed to leave that night and instead of me hopping in a cab to go to the airport the three of us headed down into the bowels of the hotel. Carnage was to ensue.

Carnage for them. Mwuhahahahahahahaha! I think they collectively beat me twice at air hockey. Something to be said for my Canadian blood I think. After the severe beating they took due to me we headed back out to find sustenance for the evening. Again I can't remember where we ended up, but I believe we were in the bar area of what looked like a nice restaurant. By this time the details have been smudged at best. I think I ordered an open faced pastrami sandwich smothered in cheese. It was good. Great in fact. I cleaned my plate while the other two intelligently ate until they were full and took the rest home for breakfast the next morning.

The rest of the evening was fairly tame I think. We went back to the hotel. Chatted a bit and then hit the hay. The next morning came much too soon, but that's how it goes. A quick Towncar ride to the airport and we were soon seated at the Gustav's in the terminal for sausages. Yes more food. Heh, heh. And beer. Can't have bratwurst without beer. Well you can, but it's just not right. As we're paying the bill I finally thought to check the time. Twenty minutes until my flight left. Ack! The bill paid I hustled my tushy down to the gate while Cheeselover and Rosanna kept trying to distract me from my goal. Thank you very much. Turns out the plane I was on was not what I was expecting. No jet engines. Propellers. !?!? No problem I guess. They boarded me. I had to leave my little tiny rolling bag that fits under the seats of big airplanes, but wouldn't fit under or over on this sucker, at the door of the airplane for them to stow underneath. Oh well.

Minutes later we're airborne and I'm asleep dreaming of next years festival.


Buyer Beware

I suppose sprechen Sie Deutsches would be even better, but it's amusing none the less.

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