Monday, April 30, 2007

Die Hard, Rock Hard!

Come to the coast, get together, we'll have a few laughs.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'ma Hep You Out

So one of my regular stops for solace is Hawaiian Mark's little chunk of the web. It's not always happy fun time over there, but he often times has some great pictures, either his own or others, of the ocean and waves surrounding his home. It makes me feel good seeing the pictures.

He also routinely keeps us all updated on the stuff his new, well almost a year old now, mo'opuna (<--that's grandkid in Hawaiian I looked it up) is up to. So the family is putting together a birthday luau for little Champy and he's making up shirts for the occasion. Cool shirts even. I was reading it and the bottom is in Hawaiian. Now I know if I asked he'd be more than happy to tell me what it says. However, I didn't buy the book below not to use it.

So I wanted to know what the part in front of Champy's name said. I'm sure you all do too.

So a hunting I went in my dictionary and here's what I found. Makes perfect sense really don't ya think.

So even though it's a bit early and I'll be wishing it again...

Happy Birthday Kaleo James. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dopers Suck

This episode of Will It Blend? in honor of Chinese Jet Pilot and Fancy Pants taking in a Dodger game.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Go Fight Crew!

Even I'm a bit stunned by what I do sometimes.

Doesn't change anything though.


ps Oh my achin' head. Oi!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

One Force To Rule Them All

Amusing to me it is.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Splish, Splash


--Go to

--Click on Maps.

--Click on "Get Directions."

--Type in...New York, New York

--To Paris, France.

--And read line # 23.

If you laugh then re-post this

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ok So It Didn't All Stay There

What an outstanding weekend. Where to start?

The original intent was two fold. First Mrs. LK and myself needed some time together away from normal surroundings. Vegas will always fill the bill for non-normal surroundings. This particular weekend there was also going to be a certain crazy Hawaiian in attendance. A plan was born.

We both took Friday off work to head on out to Las Vegas. Despite a couple of snafus early on Friday we eventually arrived in Vegas and were carted to our place of respite for the next couple of days.

Just so you all know the Westin has some comfortable ass beds. This includes the pillows. Heaven. Next stop Maragritaville for a bit of lunch. I mostly ate my lunch. Mostly. I did have to drink some of it as well.

Here was where another brilliant plan was hatched. Regardless of the details of this plan the very next morning I was again visited in my hotel room by the Arizona contingent, they seem to always get in there. At least there was no cuddling this time. More on that later. So plans are made. Food is eaten. Nap time is on nigh. The times and durations that follow are approximations at best. Yes it was that good a weekend.

I'm not exactly sure what time it was, but it was somewhere in the late afternoon to early evening time frame and we finally headed back out to hook up with HM downtown. Me being me I didn't even try to make specific plans to hook up until we were actually in the cab heading downtown. Pretty standard (for me) really. In standard fashion as well my plans could have benefited a bit with just a small bit of advance work, but one short phone call later and we were meeting up with HM somewhere downtown in about an hour. Mrs. LK asked me where and when I couldn't tell her where I was forced to call back. I have no idea how close, far, or whatever we were to actually meeting an hour later, but what I do remember is that we sat and talked for hours. I actually had to pull my ass roots out of the chair at the Triple 7 we sat and talked for so long. Good times.

Literally. Hours. Not one. Not two. Not three. Well maybe three, but I think it was way longer than that. Not only did we get to meet HM, but he brought along two of his kin as well. Great lookin' family and thanks for dinner. (I will be buying the next time we're out your way.) Again not sure exactly when, but somewhere near midnight, maybe, after much enjoyable conversation and quite a few beverages we parted ways much richer for the experience. Life is good. New friends make life even better.

A cab ride later and the next thing I know Mrs. LK is letting whatever riff raff she can find in the lobby into my bedroom.

Where I do my sleeping. Well ok maybe they're not riff raff, but still it was barely ten thirty in the morning. I mean c'mon! They did come bringing gifts though. Hot coffee and hot bloody marys. I settled for coffee. It didn't take us long to determine that food was in order. Look out Hoffbrau House. I still can't hear right.

Seems that no matter where I plunked my butt down this weekend turned into a multi-hour food and drink fest. I believe we spent another three hours or so at the Hoffbrau. Hours well spent my friends. Well spent.

I'm not sure what pool, but we left the Hoffbrau and ended up sitting out by a pool. (Sorry no pictures of that. Just Google. You'll come up with better pictures.) As a side note the weather was beautiful in Vegas. If this was the only weather you had ever experienced in Vegas you would definitely consider moving there. Luckily I'm not so easily fooled. Right.

Again time for another nap. (nap. right.) So we headed back to our rooms and apparently I agreed to be up at some specific, specified time later that evening. That waking up thing sucks just so you all know. Just ask Mrs. LK. She loves waking my ass up. Loves it. Luckily I did eventually get up because if I hadn't I would have missed probably one of the best meals I've ever had. We headed over to Bouchon at the Venetian.

It's not an easy place to find. It's on the tenth floor and unless you ask someone you'll never find it. My goodness though, I'm so glad we found it. I don't think I've ever had better veal than what was put before me that night. There was a light crispiness on the top. The veal itself was so tender it practically shredded itself when it saw my fork approaching. I started it all off with a really sweet and creamy soup. Mmmmmm. We spent a few hours here too. Surprise. I'm not sure how many though. So four appetizers, four entrees, two bottles of wine, a cheese assortment for desert and some outrageously priced single malt to tie it all together. I'm glad I wasn't sober when it came time to pay the bill. Myself and Mr. Empire were both told the following morning that the bill would never be left to us again. Apparently we no add so good. I think we did fine, but whatever. Based on our mutual experiences there I believe a plan for a future trip to French Laundry in Napa has been brought forth in an infant form.

The night is quite foggy after this. I remember some craps. Some roulette. Some walking.

Sunday morning I woke with a sore throat that later turned into a full-fledged throat-flesh eating virus. At least it felt like it was eating my throat anyway. We flew home in the early afternoon and as soon as the bags were on the living room floor I was in bed. In fact I only got out to put this post together before any more of the details melted away and were devoured by the damn carnivorous virus that's taken up residence in my throat.

Even with the sickness that followed on the last day I can honestly say this was one of the best trips to Vegas I've ever had. In fact I can probably say it's the best ever. There was one trip that was shorter and maybe more was packed in, but even that one has now taken second place on the all time list.

To friends. Near and far. New and old.

Here are some more pictures and a video.
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