Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Gizmo

So Mrs. LK is moving on to a new job soon. In support of that effort it was unanimously decided that she should have a laptop for the new job. Voila!

Dude! The Missus got a Dell!

Dual Core Centrino @ 1.66GHz, DVD +/-R burner, 1GB of DDR2, 60GB HD, 15.4" display.


P.S. That's her photo graphy as a desktop. Taken at the Columbia ice fields for those who are curious.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

LK's Flight Delayed

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good Karma At Oak Grove

So we were disc golfing up at Oak Grove on Sunday. Good times. I haven't been in way too long. The hiking around is worth it if nothing else. I did try to lose a disc in the reservoir and almost gave up on looking for it. On the second trip back into the poison oak invested shoreline I found not just my disc, but two others as well. The first I dropped off in the lost and found at the disc dudes truck. The second actually had a phone number and email address on it. After getting home I sent the guy an email and a couple hours later he responded. At some point we'll meet up and I'll return the disc.

Same day on the fifth hole of the course my buddy the Chinese jet pilot nailed a hole in one. All I had with me was my phone camera so the pictures are less than stellar even with Photochop help.

Here it is in its home. It's not too good for its home.

It came from way back there. Just above and to the right of my finger. Just above the little white dot(which was a person). The dark patch in the trees is where the tee is just under 100 yards away. Yes that's right he threw a plastic disc that far and landed it in a basket for a hole in one. Respect him you bitches.

So Damn What

So I'm super excited to be going to work today.

Despite the fact that I'm super late, I'm still here making this post after taking these pictures.

So to make sure I get there even later I decide to wear some of my new kicks. But which pair?

So I decided on these. Not so much because they're the pair I really want to wear, but more because none of the others are laced right yet.

Now Little Kenny's happy to go to work right?

Not so much. Feh.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Are You Ready?

So back in January we went to Vegas to, among other things, see Junior to the DDR thing. Now I've got the basic DDR setup here at casa del kenito, but I don't even scratch the surface of what Junior can do. Here are three clips of one stage of the competition. Junior is on the right.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Net Neutrality Ninja

Hot topic right now is "net neutrality". It's a pretty darn important thing. To roughly sum it up it's this. Currently when you look for something on the internet you're allowed to look over the whole net. What congress is proposing to do is to remove that impartiality and allow your ISP, whoever that may be, determine what gets returned as a response to your internet search. So rather than getting what may be the best answer, or maybe the most complete answer, you'll get what your ISP determines is the best answer. That answer being determined by who pays them the most, not on if it really is the best answer.

Here's are a couple of amusing videos inspired by this issue. While the videos are funny, the results if this change in "net neutrality" were to pass are definitely not.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Ok, Not Quite BBQ

So I wussed out when it came to gettin' more BBQ today. Instead I "feasted" on the above. Now it is very good, but it's not smoked BBQ either. Low cal, low fat, decent fiber. Just in case any of you were really wondering it consists of two veggie patties baked and then slice up. One pita split in half. One veggie patty stuffed in each. A healthy amount of HP sauce added. Sixteen baked fries. One Sam Adams.

Now if you forget the Sammy that equals five weight watcher points. One or two more for the apple. Filling and tasty. Just not BBQ tasty.

We Got Smoked

So we're lounging around yesterday. Mrs. LK was watching a movie. I was playing around on the computer. I'm not sure how I stumbled on the place, but I managed to find a local, non-chain BBQ place. So when Mrs. LK started talking about lunch topics I was all how about BBQ? She agreed. So we ended up here.

The menu, while not huge, is definitely big enough that you're left agonizing over which item you're gonna get. Luckily the menu was online so we had a head start before we got there.

Mrs. LK ended up ordering the Hot Link Sandwich, a side of molasses baked beans, a side of corn bread and a single baby back rib.

I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich, a side of molasses baked beans, a single baby back rib and a single St. Louis style rib.

This stuff was so good I'm still drooling. In fact just looking at the pictures is making me fucking drool. I don't think there is anything I can do about the outcome of this post now. I'm only left with one option.

Who's going back with me for lunch?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Everybody Is Doing It

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's Not Called Gym-Nice-tics!

Aw yeah! Stick It was seen in Burbank this afternoon. Definitely oscar material. I didn't even feel weird leaving the theatre until I realized we were the only guys except for all the dads. Oy.

Too much rock for one hand!

Team VGA

What's next coach?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fo Tog Rah Fee




L Plate

Nail On The Head



Der Hur

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Bro

I already sent him a line regarding his B-Day today, but I almost forgot to post it here.

Happy Birthday Buttface!

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New Pictures

Well I finally got around to updating the photo album with about six months worth of pictures. Some good. Some bad. Most just OK. New pictures are near the bottom starting with Solvang and ending with Red Rock.

Rookie Maneuver

This is what happens when you get a rookie jabbing you when you give blood. From the description Mrs. LittleKenny gave it sounded like the "nurse" went all the way through and then when the blood wouldn't flow dug around in there for a while. It took 45 minutes for her to give a pint of blood. Ouch!

What's Small, Round And Found At Staples Center?

Me. Me.

So B Ball is definitely not my favorite sports activity. I'm occasional at best. When I say occasional I mean I occasionally watch it. Playing it is right out. When the opportunity presents itself though to take in a game, for free, in VIP seats even this guy ain't gonna say no. Until recently I'd never even been to a basketball game at the Staples center. I hadn't even been to the Staples center to see a hockey game, my sport of choice. Funny how April ended up being the month where I get to see both local teams play at Staples and both games from VIP seats. Fun for sure. Do I know what's going on in the game? Well I can tell when a ball goes in the basket. I can read the scoreboard. I can buy food and drink at the consession stands. I think that covers it. I watched the Lakers from a luxury box on C level. Leather seats, glass partitions. Very nice. The Clippers while not quite as plush were actually easier to see the game from since we were closer to the court. Not to mention it was a playoff game. Definitely good shit meng.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Paging Dr. Eaton

Here's another one. This one has been around since the Mrs. and I went on our honeymoon to Calgary. This one's for you Dr. Eaton. Maybe you can prescibe something for yourself to make the pain of Detroit losing go away.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Feast Or Famine

Well either I've got nothing to post about or I've got tons. Eh, whatever.

The landlord is going out of town and was worried about the water pipes. There's been a bit of a sink hole down by where the water comes in and I mentioned it was because the pipe was leaking. He took it to heart and this is what followed.

Update: Well they have since finished and here are the results.

Hole filled in and ...
brand new copper. Yay.

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smiles

Ok here's another one from the same place as the dragon below. For this one you will need to stand up and slowly back away from your monitor or screen. You'll know when you've moved far enough away and the distance required is different for everyone. Just don't be a dummy. Make sure your path is clear before you back up. For me it was around 6-8 feet.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Look Into My Eyes

Click on the picture above for a really neat illusion.
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