Sunday, February 26, 2006

Team In Training

A friend of mine is currently scheduled to do a triathalon coming this March 26th in Oxnard, CA. He's been training for quite a while now and shouldn't have a problem completing it. What makes this important to me is the fact that he is doing this to help raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Some of you may remember when I helped raise funds for Christopher and that went really well. I even ended up walking for that one. Once again I am asking all of you, if you can, to help support this cause by making a donation towards Primo's event. He's done a pretty good job of it so far, but it's starting to come down to the wire and I'd like to see him not only make his monetary goal, but bust right through it. I went Titanium for Christopher and Platinum for Primo, but any little bit, or large bit, you can spare would be great. Thanks everyone.

I wanted this to stay at the top until the event so I've post dated it, FYI.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Because She Knew I'd Do It Anyway

Four jobs I've had:
Deli manager
Custom paint flunky
Rocket (satellite actually) scientist

Four Authors, Books, or Series I read over and over:
JRR Tolkien (Rings Trilogy w/ Hobbit w/out Silmarillion)
Frank Herbert (Dune series to the end, not including his sons efforts)
Anne McCaffrey (Harper Hall, Dragonriders and Crystal Singer)
Stephen R Donaldson (Thomas Covenant 1st and 2nd Chronicles)

(I haven't read the last two for quite some time and have no idea where my copies are so I ordered new ones just now.)

Four movies I can (and do) watch over and over:
High Fidelity
5th Element
Napolean Dynamite

Four TV shows I love(d):
Doctor Who (Favorite is the Tom Baker era, but I'll watch any of them. Haven't see the latest incarnation though.)
Star Trek TNG
Robotech (the original patched together U.S. version shown during the early 80's)

Four places I've lived:
Redwood City, CA
Phoenix, AZ
San Dimas, CA
Torrance, CA

Four places to vacation in:
Canadian Rockies

Four sites I visit/use daily:
Various Comic Sites(Wapsi Square, PvP, CAD, Penny Arcade, Pibgorn, Ugly Hill)
Yahoo News
DSL Reports Forums
Most sites listed in my links

Four people I'd like to meet in person, based (only) on their blogs:

Four foods I yearn for:
A fine filet mignon
Gramma's borscht and piroshki (Mrs. LK does an awesome imitation)
Erick Schat’s chile cheese bread (Bishop, CA. Stop there, it is so worth it)
Gramma's apple pie

Four inventions I'm grateful for:
Mp3 players
Easy fire
Good beer

Four musical choices for my personal soundtrack:
DJ Paul V Smashmixes
Dean Gray, American Edit
Loreena McKennit
80's Hair Band Rock

Four nouns that describe me:

I'm not tagging anyone on this, but feel free to answer or post your own.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Weight Loss Updated

Well I haven't really had anything totally fun or even interesting to put up lately. Sorry about that. I did update my weight loss progress this morning and added a link to Little Kenny Getting Littler over in the links on the right. Hopefully I'll be able to get these last two posts off the front page and the link will actually be useful. Anyway off to the laundromat for some clothes washing fun. Yay. Gotta love a day off.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So Far Slow And Steady

Well I haven't really come up with how I really wanted to track my diet status over here. However, the more time I took to try and figure out the best way the more I realized that I wasn't tracking it online like I wanted to. So I'm basically just taking a screen capture of the spread sheet that I'm recording my progress in. I've been keeping a daily record in my pda of total points, but I think I'll just be tracking current weight for each week and how that weight differs from the previous week. I may at some point also track total progress from starting weight. Actually I guess I'll add that in now. So for those who wanted to follow along now you can. Yippee! So far so good, but I can't help but feel like there is going to be a set back in there somewhere and sometime soon. Hopefully not.

Das Hasselhoff

Ok so I had planned on posting this a few days ago, but that didn't happen. Slackamus to the maximus. Anyway I believe I now have more respect for Hasselhoff after watching this then I did before. There's just no way he could have done this with any bit of seriousness at all. Just watch. If you can't make it all the way through I understand. Really though, it's only a few minutes out of your life. Those stupid Matrix movies stole whole hours from you that you'll never get back.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just So You All Know I Am The Shiznit

At least in Mexico.

Times They Are A Changin'

Sherri has been a great source of stuff lately as I've been way to lazy too search for my own cool stuff. Once again I'll take her cue and point you all here. Just remember...

No One Ever Expects The Spanish Inquisition!

As I scanned the news briefly this morning I saw that an Iranian paper was running a contest that involved cartoons making light of the Holocaust. There claim is that they are testing just how tolerant the west really is. I thought to myself as I was reading that it really wasn't comparable to the cartoon run in the Danish paper that made fun of Muhammad. If you really wanted it to be a fair comparison you'd be making fun of Jesus or Christianity's God. Sherri saw the same information and summed it up rather well. In fact her last statement was awesome. So good in fact that I'm stealing it and making it my own. I'm not a big religious person or really even all that spiritual, but this statement sure made sense to me.

Faith is not shaken by cartoons. If it is, it isn't faith.

Friday, February 03, 2006

More Nerd Talk

As long as I'm posting stuff about technology lately here's a screen capture of my latest acquistion. I'm still in the process of overclocking and testing for stability, but here's what's currently running stable.

Update To ATI And Dell Monitors

Rick referred me to an article talking about the new X1900 ATI video cards which referenced the new high resolution monitors from Dell. I read the article and it answered some questions, but not all. So I emailled the author at Bit Tech. I've attached the authors reply to the original post.
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