Sunday, November 12, 2006

Derby. It's Not Just A Hat

The CJP and I headed back downtown for the final match of the season for our L.A. Derby Dolls. For the second match in a row the CJP scored on the raffle. We're starting to wonder just how many times he's won before, but didn't stick around for the raffle to find out. Dumbass. He gave me one of the shirts he won and some more stickers.

The pink stine was the VIP gift this time. Not sure when I'll break it in, but break it in I will.

It was the Fight Crew vs. the Sirens, pictures at flickr, and my Fight Crew took it to 'em. Below is a quick snippit of one of the jams. It was taken with my digital camera and then compressed so the vid quality isn't the best, but you'll get the idea. Roller derby rocks and so does the Fight Crew. They're in red while the Sirens are in black.

December 2nd they're having an exhibition bout to break in the rookies or the fresh meat as they called it. Woohoo! Be there or be square. It starts at 5:30 at the Doll House in Little Tokyo.

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