Friday, December 30, 2005

Don't Rain On My Parade

Don't be a fly in the ointment.
Don't be a wet blanket.
Don't crap on my coffee?

Actually drinking crappy coffee is now the thing to do. Apparently Hawaiian Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain are just not good enough anymore. Now some people are turning to crappy coffee instead. To the tune of $175 a pound.

In Indonesia there's a little critter that eats the local coffee cherries. The pits inside, the coffee beans, pass through whole. They're then collected, roasted and sold.

Yeah, that's what I want some coffee that has gone through somethings ASS. "Mmmm, it has such a dark color and oh my what an interesting aroma." Sheesh.

via Yahoo! via Reuters

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hockey Heimlich, Eh.


Big Bird A Party To Murder

When I read the article the first time in the LA Times today I could have sworn it was saying that Sesame Street's Big Bird was guilty of murder. As it turns out it's a caretaker at the home of the puppeteer for Big Bird that has been charged in the death of a jogger.

Phew, for a minute there I wasn't sure what to think. I mean if Big Bird were charged with murder then who knows what would be next.

Just think.
  • Burt and Ernie would finally come out of the closet.
  • Mr. Hoopers death would be shown as a mob hit for outstanding gambling debts.
  • Gordon turns out to be pimping out Maria, Susan and even his sister Olivia.
  • Elmo and Zoe end up being used in a muppet child prostitution ring run by Herry Monster, Sully and Telly.
I'm sure the list would go on.

Number One Bitches!

As it stands right now if you do a search over at Yahoo! for "kenny fucker" I come up as number one. Yeah baby! Oh the notoriety. Well that's it. It was nice knowing all you peasants, but Imelda and I will soon be moving on up. I promise we won't forget you all.

Cuz I'ts All About The Chronic...

UPDATE: YouTube has since removed the clip, but NBC has put up there own page that has the clip.

Seriously, take a quick peek here all you Narnia fans. Apparently SNL is still capable of putting out some funny bits every once in a while. (Clickie da pickie)

X, this one is for you.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Give This Fucker A Go

Very doable. Not a trick and can be solved. Have fun or go insane.

Sad State Of Affairs

Saw this during my reading today. A nine month old baby was not allowed to fly to Italy because it's name was on the TSAs no-fly list. "Haha" you say, "that's funny, what a bummer." Get this bit that's not so funny, you can't get your name off the list. The best you can hope for is that the TSA sends you a letter, after you complain and prove who you are and what you aren't, that says "Oops we're sorry. Here's a letter that may let you travel. Or not. Fuck you very much." As one of the quotes states in the article you're pretty much guilty until possibly proven innocent. Then even if you are innocent you're still screwed. Nine eleven sucked for sure, but the direction the country is currently headed in response to it is not the answer. Until next time it was nice talking to you again my comrades.

If only they didn't have so much damned snow in Canada.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Squeel Like A Pig. Squeel!

So last Saturday was our annual white elephant gift exchange. Turned out just ducky. Mike and Rosanna hosted, Imelda provided whore-doovers(awesome hummus with baked pita chips & a fully loaded cheese tray) and everyone else brought a beer of the world. Like a dumbass I forgot to take a picture of all the beers. Doh! All I know for sure are the ones I brought, Fullers ESB and Stella Artois. I believe there was also Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout as well as some winter brew that tasted a bit like pumpkin pie. There were a truckload of others, but I can't remember any of them. I also brought a large bottle of Duvel, but that wasn't consumed until breakfast the next day. Great food, great friends, great beer & terrible gifts, ahhhh.

I ended up bringing home a promo picture of Deliverance and it was signed by the actors. Very authentic, riiiiiiiigt. Imelda brought home a collection of "things" from the $0.99 store. Great stuff.

Pictures of the event, taken by X, are now online.

Monday, December 12, 2005

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

A thirty second summary of the movie A Christmas Story.

Told by bunny rabbits.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dean Gray Tuesday

American Edit is a mash-up of the Green Day album American Idiot. It was done by Dean Gray which it turns out is Party Ben and Team9. It's a great album. It was originally released on 18-NOV-2005 and then banned on 28-NOV-2005. Since then it has only been sporadically available. The album was put together and offered free of charge. It was not done for any monetary gain, but Warner records filed a cease & desist order and the site stopped offering the album. On December 13th from 12:00AM to 11:59PM it will be available on various sites for download. On the 13th this site will have alternating links to sites that have the album. It's a fun album and definitely worth having.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Can I Get An Amen? Or A Whatever

Sometimes someone just has to let it out. Mac did so here today. Any time you have a post that starts with "Look bitches, if I want to say ‘happy holidays’, I will." you know she's just warming up. Rant on woman. While she "discusses" the religious aspects I would have to include the commercialism of the month as well. I could happily live without any of it.

Except for the time off of work. That there is good shit. Can never get enough of that.

Friday, December 02, 2005

And The Cover Is So Blown

Thanks to Julee some fun information was brought to light. I'm a little late, but only a day. It turns out yesterday, December 1st, is The Ricker's B-Day. Now you may not know this, but The Ricker is definitely a nerds nerd and an musician/artist to boot. I mean wtf? How come he gets all the damn cards? ;) Here's a brief list of his exploits, at least online exploits.

1.) Owner/operator of a crapload of cool sites.
2.) As stated above does some cool stuff with music.
3.) Has a hot girlfriend.
4.) Writes his own damn code.
5.) Puts together websites for his friends.
6.) Hosts a web radio station.

I'm sure there's more, but shit that's a great list right there.


Here's to many more.

To Hearing Xtremes

Home theatre systems are getting to be pretty cheap now. I remember back when you would have to spend a few thousand to get what you can today for less than $500. You can even get THX decoding for home. Maybe not for $500 though.

Now wouldn't this just rock for your home theatre? Heh. Just make sure the liability insurance is up to date.
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