Monday, October 31, 2005

Skanks and Hookers and Wrestlers, Oh My!

There was originally more to this post, but Blogger fucked me on the upload and when I tried to recover it wouldn't. Below is a recreation of the original post, but this one comes with less fee-ring. Eh.

So we flew out Saturday morning to Vegas. Not that I spend much time outdoors while there, but this was probably the best weather I've ever experienced in Vegas. Very nice. If you visited there during a time like this I could see how you might consider moving to Vegas would be a good idea.

Anyway we got in around 1PM made our way to the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian for lunch. They have a great BLT and being really hungry probably helped a bit too. After that we took a quick cab ride to the luxurious Saint Tropez Hotel Suites. I won't go into the "suites" issue as the fool lover likes to discourse about that one, but I will say that while not fancy they did get the job done. The room we had was slightly "tired", but it did it's job well and I would consider staying there again. FYI for anyone that does stay there. While the pronunciation of Saint Tropez is "san-tro-pay" you'd be well advised to call it the "san-tro-pez" or better yet the hotel across from the Hardrock as no one seemed to know what or where a "san-tro-pay" was. As a side note it was kinda fun to pull up and see Rosanna sittin' out in the car while Mike was checking in. Great timing.

After getting settled we all headed over to the Hofbrau Haus just down on the corner for some brew and veeners. I opted for the potato pancakes. Bad move. They sucked. I know how to make potato pancakes and these, well, while technically still being potatoes and flattened into pancakes were nothing of the sort. I'm pretty sure the Germans would be willing to try for a third time if they realized these were being pawned off as German potato pancakes. If these really were representative of German potato pancakes though it's no wonder they lost. Twice.

So after consuming all the consumables, und die Wurst waren gut, we crossed the street and headed for the Hardrock. $20 and five minutes later I quit roulette for the night. I just wasn't feeling it. From that point on it was watching for me. Watching others play. Watching the scenery go by. Watching. Imelda did manage to steal some winnings back from a slot machine so that was nice. We spent the next few hours enjoying ourselves and then via a mutual decision it was nap time. We agreed to meet back at the Hardrock at 10.

So we finally rolled in closer to 11 and picked up where we left off. At this point though the type and quantity of scenery had changed. I don't believe there was any other type of female costume there except skimpy. Shucks. You can get an idea of what was there based on the crappy picture on the right. I didn't manage to get a picture of the wrestlers or the male gymnasts, sorry ladies. Unfortunately we left the real camera back at the room so all I had was my phone. Oh well. There should be some pictures sometime soon over at Rosanna's.

We continued to rock the night away and at some point early that morning we headed back to the "suites". What seemed to be a short while later we were up once again, after the maid came by at least twice trying to hurry us up, and headed to airport. I will say it was nice to be able to fly in and out of Vegas and be to recover from the nights revelry in my own home. It was definitely a great way to spend a Halloween weekend.

Green Shoes, Crickets & Thugs

So I realize it's been a while since anything new has been put up. Even my father has written to give me some grief on not posting. So since some of you may be getting tired of seeing Miss Moose Knuckle here ya go, one post coming up.

The next email he sent had to do with Todd Bertuzzi of the Vancouver Canucks. Those who don't follow hockey probably have no idea who he is. For those people I'll give a brief description. He plays hockey(questionable) and he uses his size and strength to impose his will on others during the play of the aforementioned game of hockey. Sometime in the previous season, before last years strike, he savagely mauled a young player, or as my pop put it, he performed "thuggery in retribution for an earlier questionable hit on Markus Naslund by the aforementioned victim." The victim was Steve Moore of the Colorado Avalanche who has still not been able to return to playing since Betuzzi broke his neck. Here's what pop had to say on it:

Hockey should have taken care of that when it occurred and not allowed Bertuzzi to practice vigilanteism. Well, we know how well Hockey takes care of these matters. Bettman is totally ineffectual; he takes his orders from the owners and can't function impartially. And we know how the owners feel about thuggery and fighting - the bastards promote it. If Hockey can't police itself then the Canadian and American authorities should police things for the owners, akin to US authorities and steroid use by professional athletes. Another thing I can't understand is the hockey players associations silence on the matter. This seems like tacit acceptance or at least condoning this type of activity. You would think that that the players themselves would not want to put themselves in a place to risk this kind of criminality, but I guess that they are even more stupid than we give them credit for. This must be some kind of macho thinking. The fucking game is too big to permit this kind of bullshit. Bertuzzi is still plying his trade and making millions while his victim is still trying to recover from injury. Bertuzzi should have been made an example of or at least suspended until his victim was able to play again. If the victim was unable to play again, ever, then Bertuzzi should also be through. Tough fucking shit. Now you have a hint of how I feel about this situation. Bertuzzi's a fucking idiot.

A hint he says. Heh. Well my response is this.

Agreed. Too little of significance was done about it. It's too bad he's back. McSorley was another one they let back that they shouldn't have. He's not playing anymore, but I saw him on some hockey show as an announcer the other night. What a load of shit. Another thug being allowed to be used as an example of what's permissable.

On a similar note. I like the game to be rough. I don't even mind the occasional one on one fight, though I don't think it's necessary nor would I miss it if they eliminated it from the game entirely. None of the other "big" sports condones it so it's not like it would be something odd to institute a no fighting rule. These guys are too big and strong be allowed to jeapordize themslves and others this way. They don't allow it in the juniors either so I don't see why should it be a normal thing for the pros. Other than tradition that is. To heck with traditions.

Another thing I noticed is that it seems lately that with the new rules there isn't as much checking going on, clean hits or otherwise. It's fun to see the guys smash each other around a bit. Maybe I'm just looking at the wrong place when it happens.

And that is pretty much all I have to say on that.

Monday, October 24, 2005

What Was She Thinking With Those Green Shoes?

The following picture is classified as NSFW at my work. It may very well be classified the same way at yours. However, there is no nudity so I'll leave it up to you. Whatever happens just remember this, it's not my fault. Blame it on the shoes.

Clikki da pikki

Even The Best Wife Needs A Break From DOING It

Monday, October 17, 2005

When Good Executives Go Bad

Don't fear the reaper, just fear the Cruft.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hockey Night In Torrance

Friday, October 14, 2005

Top Ten Baby, Top Ten!

So Walking For Christopher placed in the top ten teams for the amount raised. Woohoo! Here's the list.

Congratulations to our Top Menlo Park Teams! Here are the totals to date - donations are still coming in, it's never too late!

1. Walking for Ben - $91,214.78
2. Yahoo! - $55,321
3. Silicon Valley Bank - $31,033
4. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati - $12,019
5. A Coz For The Soz - $9,842
6. Team Dana - $4,430
7. Snoopy Steppers - $4,217
8. Walking For Christopher - $3,465
9. Palo Alto Medical Foundation - $2,315
10. CLIPCO / Meyerholz School - $1,953

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Never Meanin' No Harm

Just a side note to last weekend.

We had breakfast at a little hole in wall, Top Of Broadway, on Sunday morning with Christopher and the fam. Good food and affordable. Definitely enjoyable to sit out in the sun on a comfortable Sunday morning drinking coffee and eating breakfast. On the way back to the 'rents house where we were staying we passed by Stafford Park. This is the kind of thing you can find in my hippy-billy home town.

Remember this, my home town is 25 miles south of San Francisco, 23 miles north of San Jose and 26 miles west of Berkeley. Make of that what you will, but there is still a replica General Lee in my home town.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Now For Something Completely Different

Turned out to be a great night.

So we headed back home last Friday. Home being Redwood City, CA. As you may have seen posted earlier Christopher is currently battling Leukemia. He's still going in for chemo and will be for quite some time. So far so good. Seeing him this weekend you would never know he's battling a life threatening disease.

This weekend the Leukemia and Lymphona Society was benefiting from the Light the Night walk which we were taking part in. We flew in Friday night and after spending a fulfilling Saturday afternoon at Miyaki met up with Christopher and all his family and friends at Burgess Park in Menlo Park. The walk itself started at 7 PM and wasn't limited to just raising money for Christopher. Prior to the walk starting we all received our flashing balloons. The walk consisted of a relatively short two mile loop originating and ending at Burgess Park via Middlefield Road. Many people honked as we walked and there were a number that asked what it was we were walking for. Christopher's team alone raised $3,440. According to the leaders at the walk that night everyone together had raised over $222,000. Despite being a fairly cool and breazy night everyone seemed to have a good time socializing prior to, during and after the walk and raising that much moolah certainly didn't dampen anyones spirits.

Thanks again to those that helped with donations.

Fuck The RALLY Monkey Right In His Tight Diapered Bunger

Ok so my team is the Giants. Nothing earth shattering there. We all know how far they went in the playoffs this year. My new old favorite team was the Yankees. Now it's the White Sox. For that matter right now it's whoever the hell is playing the Los Angeles Anals of Analheim. I know exactly where that little bastard can put his damn bananna.

And while I'm at it. The news has a story tonight about some stupid surgery for a dog. 30,000 people are dead and millions are homeless in Pakistan and our news agencies in SoCal decide to talk about a fucking dog and its surgery. Yay team. Again I know where the bananna goes and I volunteer to put it there.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Today Christopher officially broke the $3000 mark. I really am pleased about that. Thank you to all of Christopher's old and new friends for reaching into their hearts and wallets to help him and others like him work towards winning out against leukemia. Thank you all.

But don't stop yet, we're not walking until Saturday night so there is still time to put a little something in the kitty.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yeah This Will Make Us Respect Them, Uh Huh

I have to heartily agree with the fool lover on this one. Flight attendants boycotting a movie because it shows them in a bad light is fine for them, but don't try to get the rest of us involved. And they're worried their credibility is lessened by the movie.

What Rosie had to say about it.
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